Beaver Scouts are boys and girls aged between 6 and 8 years old. They belong to the first and youngest Section in the Scouting family, followed by Cubs, Scouts, and Explorers.
Easily recognised by their distinctive turquoise sweatshirts, Beaver Scouts enjoy making friends, playing games, going on visits, and helping others.

Telstar Scouts is proud to have two Beaver Colonies: Oak, which meets on Tuesdays at the Scout Home in Capellen from 1600 to 1715  , and Sycamore, which meets on Thursdays at St George's School from 1615 to 1730..

The Oak Colony is lead by Joanne with valuable assistance from Mei, Kate, Lorraine,Ophelia and Tony

The Sycamore Colony is lead by Lynn  and with valuable assistance from Anneke and Helen and Rachel.

See Group Calendar for details of all meeting



OAK COLONY NEWS – Watch this space


Both Colonies learned about coping with disability see..        






From January through the end of the school year Oak Colony will work on the Creative and Outdoor Challenge Badges and the Imagination, Creative, and Air Activity Badges during our sessions.

While we are indoors the creative focus will be on drama and music through a variety of themed sessions including Carnival and Snow Day.  We will also start work on camping skills and hope to visit the Nature Museum.

Once the weather improves, we're outdoors for a hike, a picnic, making and flying a variety of aerodynamic models, and some experiments.


SYCAMORE COLONY NEWS – Watch this space!

As a Beaver in the Sycamore Colony, you will hopefully have fun, learn new skills, learn more about your local community and the wider world, be introduced to outdoor activities, have the opportunity to be creative and to make new friends from all backgrounds, nationalities and schools here in Luxembourg! This term (September until Christmas) we will be focusing on Teamwork, the Scout Promise, Global Issues, learning some First Aid, Photography and learning new skills as part of the My Skills Challenge badge. Some of the Beavers have already been on a Group Camp with all the Scouts, and we hope to have a sleepover just for Beavers in early 2018!