Wolf Cubs started in 1916. Now known as Cub Scouts, they are girls and boys between the ages of 8 and 10½. They meet together in a Pack, which may have from 6 Cubs up to a maximum of 36, under the guidance of a Cub Scout Leader, or Akela.


Mowgli Pack is led by Akela (Section Leader) Kira Stewart and assisted by Kate Ensor, Kiki Zakiah, Daniela Badea and Anna Barcia.


Baloo Pack is led by Akela (section Leader) Florence Gunn and assisted by Pablo Sanchez, Laure Amoyel, Barrie Hill and Neil Valentine.



Telstar Scouts is proud to have two Cub packs – the Mowgli pack (which meets on Tuesdays) and the Baloo pack (which meets on Thursdays).



Most Packs organise Cubs into Sixes. Sixes usually consist of around 6 Cubs with a Sixer in charge and a Seconder to support them.

The Sixers and Leaders may get together occasionally for a Pack Leadership Forum, which gives the Cubs a say in the running of the Pack.

Each week there is a Duty Six which is responsible for tidying up at the end of our meeting.



The Scout Association has a continuous training programme that aims to promote the growth and development of young people from 6-25.

As well as games, Cubs do numerous activites, many of which can count towards badges. 



Mowgli Cub Pack meets every Tuesday at St George's International School 18:00-19:30.

Baloo  Cub Pack meets every Thursday at St George's International School 18:00-19-30.



See the Group Calendar for our detailed programme.
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    Mowgli Pack News…


Recent activities include cycling around the Kiss and Fly at St George's and backwoods cooking at Thillsmillen.


We will be working on the Emergency Aid and Entertainer badges next.







    Baloo Pack News…


We started this term with an Emergency Aid training with Sonia Alvarez from the Luxembourgish emergency rescue network.


We just completed our DIY activity badge, having built our own wind-powered buggies. Many thanks to Bruce and the staff of the International School of Luxembourg for hosting us in their DIY workshop!!   


Coming up is the BSO District Camp 2019…


In 2018, the Baloo pack participated in the BSO District Camp and in the FNEL Sixplo, and they earned the FNEL Bonne Meute Award. Well done Baloo cubs!!



Happy Scouting!