Scouts are boys and girls aged between 10½-14 years and are encouraged to take more responsibility for themselves and to help plan the weekly programme. They make up the third Section of the Scouting family. The activities centre more on adventure and the outdoors, camping, expeditions, global awareness and community service.
Scouts meet at Castors Scout HQ, Schuttrange every Monday evening from 1800 to 2000hrs.
PLEASE NOTE: we no longer meet at St. Georges school on a Saturday.
See the Group Calendar for meeting details….
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A very busy end of year saw us start the Knot Boards, a challenge for some, learning new Knots is (k)not always easy…..!For others the challenge was to remember what we had taught them before…. the boards are well underway and will be completed in the New Year.
Another couple of meetings saw the Scouts attempting to complete various mental and physical challenges. We had them travelling short distances  on tyres whilst not being allowed to stand on the floor, building card towers, moving objects from a short distance away whilst not being allowed to touch them, and the classic ,trying to burst a balloon 5m away and 2,5 m off the floor. We also had a ping pong challenge, the Scouts had to construct a ramp from paper that could allow a ping pong ball to travel 2m, made more difficult as we split each ramp into two parts and neither half of the team could see what the other half was constructing…..interesting communication problem….!
Another meeting saw us with a visit from the KJT Online help service. The session was all about bringing awareness  to a new confidential advice service for young people in Luxembourg. A great session that explained that any young person feeling troubled can get advice on how to deal with all manner of issues. My thanks to Lynn Frank for organising this meeting for us.
… finally to the last meeting of 2015, the Scouts Christmas party, an evening dedicated to playing games and eating.
A noisy, excited and somewhat chaotic meeting ended with the presentation of the Patrol Trophy for the first half of the year……with the winners Hawks, congratulation to Paula Barragan and her Patrol for working (and enjoying- I hope !) so hard in the first half of this Scout year.
A very Merry Christmas and my best wishes to all for a Happy New Year, I look forward to seeing you all in 2016. A big thank you to the team for their support and enthusiasm last year.
See you all for the first meeting on 11th January 2016, when we start the Fitness Challenge badge and the Film makers activity badge.
Happy New Year
Paul Clinnick – Scout Leader Telstar.
Friday 3rd to Sunday 5th October 2015
Wizards and Witches camp – Misarschaff, Luxembourg.
So off to camp we went, expectations high that the weather would be kind to us… was. Having spent Friday evening setting up camp, Saturday saw us start with an activity around maps and distance setting. Swiftly followed by some brilliant pioneering organised by Lena who, with help of the Scouts had two massive tripods lashed together to make a dining shelter under which the entire troop could eat in comfort.
Another session on Axes and Saws gave the Scouts the chance to use the big equipment for chopping wood and learning to use it in a safe manner.
James meanwhile started the cooking, various ways of cooking different foods were experimented with from Hot stones Backwoods cooking, , Dutch ovens, chargrilling chicken (which was fab) to constructing box ovens in which cakes were cooked for pudding.
Finishing the evening with a sing song around the campfire, hot chocolate and biscuits followed by some very tired Scouts retiring to bed and going to sleep very, very quickly!
Sunday, the drizzle came, but the wide game took everyone’s mind off the poor weather, Beavers, cubs, Scouts and Explorers all mixed in various teams to become the champions of the Harry Potter, Half Blood Prince’s Potion Challenge.
Once the lunch was over, striking camp became the priority and camp was completed with the Flag down ceremony.
During the ceremony three Chief Scout Gold Awards were presented to Markus Berg, Neo Roloff and Patrick Wolff. Neo and Patrick  have now moved on to Explorers, we wish them well.

Thank you to all involved in the organising of this camp, it was brilliant.




 Monday 28th September 2015
Well I would like to say this meeting went off without a hitch, fortunately for us the meeting was all about knots and lashings, so there were more hitches than you could throw a stick at.
Another super evening spent outdoors, Half the scouts learning the Knots and Lashings and creating tripods from which they could hang cooking pots.
Meanwhile the other group spent the evening being taught and tested on knife craft and skills. All receiving their Knife permits at the end of the session, ready for the camp coming up the following weekend.
The highlight of the evening was the presentation of three Chief Scout Gold awards to Aislinn Taylor, James Clinnick and Jasper Frank.
James and Aislinn have now moved onto Explorers, we wish them well and hope they have a great time in the Explorer section.
Monday 21st September 2015
Our first meeting at our new HQ, a brilliant evening, welcoming 27 old and new Scouts to the new meeting time and place. After a brief look around the new venue to familiarise ourselves with the facilities, the Scouts, in small teams were given the task to build fires and then light them without using matches. Small teams of Scouts were seen scurrying around collecting the tinder, kindling and then bigger bits of wood to enable them to heat some welcome Hot Chocolate and to finish the meeting by melting some marshmallows on sticks.
Once flag was down some very happy, excited and stinky Scouts were sent home to explain all to their parents.
Next week: Pioneering, Knotting and Use of Knives and completion of Knife permits.




Scout Treasure Hunt – 14 September 2013 

The Scouting section started their new scouting year on Saturday September 14th 2013 with an extraordinary journey on which the Scouts not only got acquainted with a medieval count, a legendary mermaid and some royal heads of states, but they also explored some world famous underground fortifications, followed in the steps of a colourful elephant trail and crossed paths with a renowned chef. Yes, indeed the Scouts were off to discover the Gibraltar of the North, more commonly known as Luxembourg City.

As part of the Scout’s Community Challenge, the Scouts went on a treasure hunt along some famous sites of the Luxembourgish capital. In their patrols the Scouts had to follow a carefully mapped route plan, while answering a total of 28 questions (so as to get the password to unlock their treasure) as well as two challenges in the Bock Casemates, a UNESCO world heritage site. The Scouts started off on Place Guillaume II, or Knuedler as it is known in Luxembourgish, before heading towards the Grand Ducal Palace and then onto the Place d’Armes, where the Scouts learned more about SOS Villages d’Enfants Monde, a Luxembourgish charity, which raises money to support abandoned, vulnerable and orphaned children around the world.

The treasure map then guided the Scouts to the Golden Lady, then past the Cathedral onto Place Clairefontaine. From there the Scouts walked past the little shop owned by Lea Linster, a Luxembourgish chef who is the only woman in the world to have been awarded the Bocus d’Or – the most prestigious international cookery award – before making their way to the Bock Casemates. Casemate is derived etymologically from the Greek word “chasma(ta)” meaning chasm. This is a “bomb-proof” vaulted room situated in the actual body of the works (in the Luxembourgish case the casemates are situated within a rock) leading to one or more embrasures or intended to accommodate troops and equipment. The Scouts were able to explore these underground fortifications on their own and learned about the Melusina myth, which goes as follows.

It is said that Count Siegfried once got lost on a hunt and found himself in the Alzette Valley. He then heard a wonderful song coming from a rock and that is how he first met Melusina. He instantly declared his love to her and asked her to marry him. Melusina agreed to do this on two conditions: firstly she should never have to leave a cliff and secondly she needed to be alone on Saturdays. Siegfried swore on his honour to meet those demands, so he built a castle on the rock (and with this founded Luxembourg City). However after years, curiosity got the better of the Count and he once peeped through a key hole to see what his wife was doing on her private Saturday. He then realised that Melusina’s feet had been replaced by a disgusting slimy fish tail. Siegfried gasped in horror and Melusina, realising the betrayal, vanished into the cliff, never to be seen by Siegfried again. Today it is still rumoured that Melusina will show herself every seven years and wait for someone to free her from the Alzette River.

According to this myth Melusina is bound to show herself again in 2013, however the Scouts, after having located Melusina’s well in the casemates, have not been able to report back on a possible sighting or on having heard her beautiful song.

Upon exiting the Scouts then walked along the Corniche, Europe’s most beautiful balcony, giving a breath-taking view of the valley. From there they walked to the Grund before taking the elevator up to the Plateau du St. Esprit from where they had to make their way back to the Luxembourg City Tourist Office. The Hawks were the first patrol back on time with the correct password, which allowed them to open the treasure chest which contained some chocolate bars. They were closely followed by the Wolves. It was however the Tigers who had spotted the most elephants – a whopping 23 in total.  

All in all it was a brilliant start to the new Scout Year – the treasure hunt proved to be a great educational and outdoor activity, where the Scouts not only learned about the history of the country they are living in but could also improve their team-working skills. 


Scout Troop Expedition – June 2013    

On the 8th of June, Scouts gathered in Consdorf for the start of their annual expedition. The theme of the 25km two day hike through the “Petite Suisse” region was the famous Mullerthal rocks, and how humans have lived in and used the rocks through the ages.


Day One was a 15km hike across demanding terrain from Consdorf to Echternach, weaving in and out of the rocks, some of which provided a welcome shady relief from the scorching sun. Along the way the Scouts had to perform certain tasks such as finding a Hermit’s cave, locating some remnants from the stone ages, and using a GPSr device to discover a long-forgotten bunker from World War II. They performed admirably during this tough hike, possibly strongly motivated by what awaited them at the finishing location – the “Delhaize” supermarket in Echternach, where they could buy their provisions for their evening meals.


After a quick shuttle transfer to Beaufort Youth Hostel, the Scouts prepared their food with the usual imagination and flair before settling down, exhausted, for the evening.


Day Two was a completely different experience in many ways. For starters, the bright sunshine and high temperatures had given way to heavy rain. The route from Beaufort to Mullerthal was different too – much less physically demanding and shorter, but the Scouts found that their map reading and route planning skills were tested more rigorously. That said, all three Groups did a simply great job and everyone arrived in Mullerthal earlier than anticipated.



Scout Troop Leader Team – March 2013