Telstar Leaders, supporters and guests celebrated 40 years of Telstar in style at the British embassy on October 22nd.

Peter Dawes , HQ Commissioner for British scouts abroad , presented explorer belt awards to  Megan Hollis, Caterina Tapio, ALana Dunn, Dylan Thissen, Beth Pace Bonello and Daisy hollywood   for their intrepid expedition to The Czech republic during he summer of 2014.

John Nordkvelle – District Commisioner for Benelux and Scandinavia was also present,  as was David Heal, who was one of the founding leaders of telstar.

A message of congratulations was received form the Liz Matthews widow of David Matthews the founder and first chairman  of telstar.


Our gratefull thanks to HE Alice Walpole, Telstar Patron, for the use of the embassy residence for the party and for her ongoing support to the group


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Telstar was named after the first international  communications satellite and there was also a pop hit called telstar by the tornados in 1963 .    see