Along with the Chairman, Treasurer, Secretary, Quartermaster, SAS coordinator and the Group Scout Leader, the Exec includes a Parent Representative from each section of the Group, as well as one or two members without assignment.
The Exec is responsible for fund raising, administrative/logistic support and for parental involvement in the group.
This Exec meets approximately 5 times a year, usually at St George’s school in Hamm. The Exec also hosts the Annual Barbeque/Annual General Meeting in June.
Current Executive Committee members are:-


Sandro Pace-Bonello Chairperson
TBC Vice Chair/Scout Home Committee
Cassandra Ellis Secretary
Ailbhe Jennings Treasurer
Paul Holmes Event Treasure
Paul Dunn Membership Secretary
Thierry Yone Uniform Secretary
TBC Beaver Oak Parent Rep
Donna Davies Cubs Mowgli Parent Rep
Flo Folmer Scouts Apollo Troop Parent Rep
Johanna De Santis Scouts Gemini Parent Rep
Nick Frank Explorer Parent Rep/Member


Anyone wishing to raise any subject with the Exec Committee should contact the Chairman via our Contact Page or via their section representative.