Who would have dared to hope, back in 1974, that the Group would still be offering British Scouting to boys and girls over 50 years later? Numbers have fluctuated over the years, but our recurring Leader shortage is a recurring problem, which we have so far always managed to overcome.
The Group always welcomes further adult support, whether in the role of Leader, Helper, Instructor, Administrator or Supporter. Those who would like to wear Scout uniform and support the Group in a general way, but who cannot make a regular weekly commitment, have the option to join the Scout Active Support group. The Scout Active Support (SAS) group runs its own social events and provides support for Group events as well as occasionally helping out at Section meetings or activities. The Group Executive Committee would also welcome further members to help ensure the financial viability of the Group and to relieve the Leaders of some administrative tasks.
Please contact Group Scout Leader at gsl@telstar.lu if you feel you can help Telstar.
We have the satisfaction of knowing that our efforts have helped a number of young people to enjoy friendship and fun and to learn the skills that only Scouting can provide. We hope that Scouting has helped shape these young people to become better citizens and parents.