2020 Scouts from home – Covid 19 didn’t stop our scouting activities

2020 Scout Investiture

2020 Explorers Winter Survival Camp, Silver Expedition and Pumpkins for Cubs

2020 Beavers Sycamore Roasting Marshmallows and Earth Tribe Goals

Sycamore doing what Beavers like to do best, toasting marshmallows and cooking bread over a fire and working on Earth Tribe Goals during a Twilight meeting.


2020 Scout Orienteering

Let’s invade the Medingen woods ! 9 patrols: 44 scouts, 7 leaders and 2 SAS (4 on bikes to hunt patrols). The orienteering game was awesome. Each patrol had to find cards in the woods, each time a leader finds a patrol they had to be able to tell where they were on the map to gain or loose more cards. 2 patrols gathered = loose all cards (social distance 👌🏻). With cards they could buy sweets in the shop.


2020 Cubs Mowgli Night Hike, Investiture and Backwoods Cooking

2020 Scouts Gemini

Gemini scout meeting: allocation to patrols, investitures, a new APL, code of conduct, knife training, nerf battle and uniform delivery … and no rain!!!👍⛅☁️🌞


2020 1st Scout Camp of the year

2020 The first BSO Virtual Camp to celebrate St. George’s Day


2020 Scouts Fire Safety and Halloween Fun